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    The website is divided in three sections, the "home" section pointed by the address andymacdoor.com on which you are currently, in which are archived the old tutorials of Andy Mac Door concerning mainly the right of the artists and the officialization of their multiple activities.

  • Acoustic section

    On which Andy Mac Door is entirely devoted since 2017, dedicated mainly to the acoustic treatment of studios and audiophile rooms. Regrouping Andy's tutorials, his acoustic products and services. 

  • Artist section

    Put on hold since Andy dedicates himself entirely to room acoustics, and in which is kept the old version of his website dedicated to his activity as a deejay and producer.


"The Sound Opens the Mind,
Releases the Look,
the Visual Teaches."

Hidden message of the month unveiled by Andy Mac Door in the language of the Birds, also called Angels language

"L'Âme est Lame,
Lame qui Tranche,
Tranche en Trois Anches,
Anches qui Vibrent
Vies, Bruits, Âges.
Âges des sages et des passages,
Pas sage sans trépasser,
A trèpas de Trois Pas,
La Naissance, la Vie, La Mort."

Le Diffuseur révolutionnaire de par son prix et son efficacité MADE IN FRANCE by ANDY MAC DOOR

Aidez Andy Mac Door en lui faisant parvenir un don qui l'encouragera dans son travail et l'incitera à continuer de partager gratuitement ses travaux à ses abonnés.
Vous n'imaginez pas combien un petit geste spontané apporte en reconfort et soutien !
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